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Bymore Wood Crags

The Lower Walkham Valley is a beautiful area on the south-western edge of Dartmoor comprising steep woodland valley sides that are dotted with crags of rock. One of these, brought to our attention by Peter Freeman in 2019 and located in Bymore Wood, is of great interest and quite accessible.

Hidden from view below a neat little spring situated at SX 48662 69957 on a well-travelled footpath through the top of the wood, several small crags reside above the left bank of a stream that has carved an impressive cleft leading down to a system of leats that once served the two mines which were most prominent in the area: the Lady Bertha and Virtuous Lady Mines.

Rounding the highest crags which are modest, at best, the lower are seen to be much more impressive; steep vertical faces clinging onto the hillside. Still embedded into the slope of the hill, the crags present as rugged walls that dwarf the onlooker with another equally impressive outcrop located to the west.

This outcrop is accessible to the public.
Enjoy, but please behave responsibly and always follow the Countryside Code.
Bymore Wood Crags
Grid Ref:
SX 4860 6999
Buckland Monachorum
Tor Classification:
Valley Side
Rock Type:
Peter Freeman
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