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Clan Tor

Outcrop and Max south side SX 673742

This is an altogether fine small tor that is set high on the east bank of the river between the rock strewn Spitchwick Common and the lovely riverside walk into Dartmeet. Continuing the Mustelidae theme of badger related features in the East Dart region to the north of Badger's Holt at Dartmeet, a clan or colony is the name given to collection of the creatures in one group.

Clan Tor SX 67307 74263

Consisting of three large overhangs resting upon a huge boulder, the unusual effect of the tor is to create a low shelf of granite within a cave on the west side. A person can easily sit upon the seat and rest within the shelter protecting themselves from a passing shower or storm from the east.

Clan Tor SX 67307 74263 and Tim Jenkinson

The cave looks out to the river and beyond to Brimpts and Brake Plantation which is a special view. There are other large boulders in the vicinity that are indicative of a once prominent rockpile here. In the absence of any other name or description of these rocks with all their caves and holes beneath the name of Clan Tor seems appropriate albeit speculative, as the once probable home of a family or colony of badgers here.

Clan Tor SX 67307 74263
Clan Tor
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SX 6730 7426
Widecombe in the Moor
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Tim Jenkinson
Max Piper
Tim Jenkinson & Max Piper: Tors of Dartmoor