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Great Stone

The Tomb

The Tithe Map for the Parish of Christow reveals a plot of land north-west of Bowden Farm called 'Great Stone', but this emergent outcrop originally came to our attention, via Dartefacts website, with a different name. Dubbed "The Tomb" by Peter and Karin Brooks, the boulder resting on its lower eastern edge does give it the appearance of a door ajar, with a crypt within. In truth, there is no cavern, just a small space for an Ash to find shelter in its infancy before tackling the elements as it matures.

Whilst on private land, Great Stone is accessible thanks to a public bridleway that passes a few metres below it through the field. Moss skirts the outcrop's northern edges while thin patches of lichen, with a green oxidised copper hue, have slowly formed across its top and southern facing parts, finding anchor on the rough granite's xenoliths and feldspar megacrysts.

Its lowly stature is compensated by the lack of any other rock formation around. Walking in the area it is evident how close to the surface the granite bedrock is, but examples of an outcrop are few, with Clampitt Rocks South, about half a kilometre away to the west, being the nearest.

Note: This outcrop is on private land, but it is accessible.
Enjoy, but please behave responsibly and always follow the Countryside Code.
Great Stone
Grid Ref:
SX 8200 8467
Tor Classification:
Private (but accessible)
Rock Type:
Peter Brooks / Karin Brooks
Devon County Council: Tithe Map of the Parish of Christow
Peter Brooks / Karin Brooks: Dartefacts: The Tomb