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Wild Tor Clitter

Willtor Clitter

This tremendous clitter can be found some 300 metres to the east of Wild Tor. It forms a large crescent shape overlooking the meandering Walla Brook on its course to meet the North Teign at Teign-e-Ver about 3 kilometres to the east.

The location itself is quite spectacular, also overlooking the large, flat plateau contains the upper-course of the Gallaven Brook, having originated from the notorious mire of the same name. The clitter is best viewed from below where the steepness of the hill is perhaps best appreciated. The appearance of this formation is akin to that of Curtery Clitters and Withy Tree Clitters.

Eric Hemery (High Dartmoor p. 786) first gives mention to the site; "..the bending stream (Walla Brook) points towards the eastern escarpment of the Moor and distant in-country; north-eastward, the rising heights of Scorhill, Buttern and Kennon culminate in Cosdon, while in the hillside above the left bank is the great, boulder-filled hollow of Willtor Clitter. From the clitter head are seen Thornworthy Tor and Broadmoor Common backed by a striking vista of the eastern highlands - and even beyond to Raven's Tor above Lustleigh Cleave."

This outcrop is accessible to the public.
Enjoy, but please behave responsibly and always follow the Countryside Code.
Wild Tor Clitter
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Dartmoor Forest
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Eric Hemery
Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor