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Wildbanks Rocks

Wildbanks Rocks logan stone

First mentioned by Eric Hemery, this is a rock field on the east slope of the West Dart over a kilometre south of Wildbanks Hill. Of particular interest is a fine, previously undocumented, logging logan stone. The stone measures approximately 10 feet x 4 feet 3 inches (3m x 1.3m) and it readily rocks to and fro under pressure applied to its northern edge.

Eric Hemery mentions Wildbanks Rocks twice in High Dartmoor (pp. 424 and 452), yet its location has previously been difficult to pinpoint. Mike Brown, in his 'Gazetteer of Dartmoor Names', provided a grid reference on the slopes of Wildbanks Hill at SX 611 802, but there is no granite to be found there. What appears not to have been taken into account is that this rock field sits not on the hill, but within the bounds of the 'Wildbanks Newtake'.

Wildbanks Rocks logan stone

Reading High Dartmoor (p. 424), Hemery mentions a reave above the rocks; "The reave makes a useful guide to the walker wishing to visit Browne's House from Longaford Tor, for it leads past Wildbanks Rocks and affords an excellent view of the river approaching Dart Hole." This is also a good rule to find the rocks just off to the west as you walk the reave which is marked as a path on modern Ordnance Survey maps.

Wildbanks Rocks logan stone
Wildbanks Rocks
Grid Ref:
SX 6146 7886
Dartmoor Forest
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Eric Hemery
Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor