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The team at Fur Tor

This searchable database of the tors of Dartmoor National Park is the most definitive list available of both lesser and well known tors and rocks. It has been compiled from various sources including old guide books, maps, and local knowledge from many enthusiasts and we have listed a number of those people later on. But first, some short bio's of the team behind the website; Tim Jenkinson, Max Piper and Paul Buck.

Tim Jenkinson

Tim Jenkinson

Tim is a long time tor hunter and writer on the subject dating back to at least the mid 1990s. Tim's first articles on Lesser Known Tors (those rockpiles that are not shown on OS maps but are often named in the literature) appeared in the Spring 1996 edition of Dartmoor Magazine (Number 42). Since then he has given talks and continued to write about the subject right up until the present day.

He teamed up with Paul Buck and Max Piper a good two years ago to get all these tors logged and photographed especially on the largely overlooked eastern side of the moor.

Max Piper

Haytor Rocks

Max is a young tor bagger who has always adored Dartmoor, but became more fascinated by it after training for the Ten Tors Challenge in 2018, despite not participating in the actual event. It was when he came across Paul Buck and Tim Jenkinson where his relationship with the national park became permanent and addictive, completing several circular walks to admire and absorb the beauty that Dartmoor has to offer!

What Max has gained from these early experiences is motivation to get out and explore, finding several new undocumented outcrops, and enthusiasm to create his own website which can be found at

Paul Buck

Me on Shipley Tor

Paul is a backpacker, tor bagger, Bibbulmun Track End to Ender and West Ham supporter. He moved down from London to live in Okehampton in 2016, after realising he was spending most of his weekends on Dartmoor. It just made sense to make it permanent! Paul has been tor bagging seriously for about 5 years now, and has visited well over 600 tors, and while currently seeking out new ones with Tim Jenkinson and Max Piper, it occurred to him that they should collaborate to create this database of all the known tors and outcrops.

As well as being the designer and webmaster for this website, Paul blogs under the alias of Moorland Walker; please visit his personal website

Special Acknowledgement

We give special mention to the following, in no particular order; their respective works have contributed enormously to the building of this site.

William Crossing, Eric Hemery, Samuel Rowe, Ordnance Survey, Roland Ebdon, Alan Watson, Dr. Peter Sanders, Steve Jenkins, Becky Falls, Harry Starkey, Terry Bound, Michael Havinden, Freda Wilkinson, Dave Brewer, Mike Brown, Sylvia Sayer, Anna Eliza Bray, Dr. Tim Harrod, John Chudleigh, Richard Hansford Worth, Lady Susan Exmouth, Peter Boyd, Tim Sandles, Mike Kitchener, Hamilton Jenkin, Dora James, Sabine Baring-Gould, Ken Ringwood, Rev H. Hugh Breton, Paul Rendell, Devon County Council, Peter Hamilton-Leggett, Keith Ryan, Benjamin Donn, Roy Egerton Downard, William Shillibeer, Ian Parsons, Richard Horsham, Hermon French, Sir Walter Besant, John Hannaford, Derek Rendell, Tom Greeves, Ian Kirkpatrick, Caroline Kirkpatrick, Dave Hamnett, Anthony Richard Kingdom, Lustleigh Community Archive, Ron Hill, John Lloyd Warden Page, Elisabeth Stanbrook, Lieutenant-Colonel William Mudge, John Clement, Crispin Gill, David Ayres, Peter Freeman, Ann Jenkinson, David Leslie Linton, Pete McCrickard, Sheron Vowden, Angus McCaffery, Simon Dell, Nicole Humphreys, Rob Naylor, Jason Maddick, Johnie Stickland, James Clapham, Dave Bellamy, Bob Fitzpatrick and Jake Parrish.