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Pepperdon Hall Lane Rocks

A shadowy mass masked by a holly tree on the high bank of Pepperdon Hall Lane was originally noted, for further investigation, by Paul Buck in March 2019, but it was Jake Parrish who first came across the more significant higher outcrops within Steward Wood in May 2020. Please note that this woodland is private land and whilst the lower section is visible from the road, to view the upper section permission can be obtained from the landowner.

The woodland has tried its best to disguise this one from top to bottom; Oak, Rowan and Holly are among the many species of tree that have taken root within its crevices and Ivy creeps across the low rocks that are dotted on the steep valley side within an undergrowth of dead wood, ferns, lichen, moss and bracken. The outcrops themselves are emergent, the best being the highest, adorned in moss where a tree sits atop, its roots exposed.

Descending, the collection is a scruffy assortment of bedrock and semi exposed boulders, the odd edge bare but the majority of granite covered in vegetation leaving the visitor disappointed. Reaching the bottom, the aforementioned 'shadowy mass' is found to be a significant block of granite, and this is the only section that can be viewed from the road.

Pepperdon Hall Lane Rocks
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Grid Ref:
SX 7715 8490
Tor Classification:
Valley Side
Private (but visible from public land)
Rock Type:
Jake Parrish
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